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I’m getting many queries regarding MS Engage 2021 for the past few days with similar questions, as I was a member of one of the top 10 teams in last year’s engage program (self-praise :D). So, I decided to write this article to clear your doubts as this is comparatively a new program and not much information is available on the internet. Let’s begin!

Let’s start from ground zero, MS Engage is a month-long mentorship program for second-year engineering students started in 2020. After an initial screening process, shortlisted students need to work on a project solo/team under the guidance of MS engineers, appointed as mentors. Last year's projects were two web apps (AI-based Tic-tac-toe and Algorithm Visualizer). Apart from this, every week there are AMA sessions with senior people from MS and some assignments based on Tech topics like AI & ML. So, overall it’s a very enriching experience.

So, last year this program was open for few selected colleges only and after filling application form there was an MCQ test based on the basics of AI, ML, DSA, etc, you can go through sites like Sanfoundry &GFG for MCQ’s. Based on the test and application form around 1200(I don’t know the exact count :P) students were shortlisted for mentorship.

This year's application is open to all irrespective of college and you can see the requirements and apply here. I don’t know what will be the exact process for this year, So can’t tell you much about it. But there is no harm in preparing a good resume, practicing MCQs on the above topics, and learning to use Github.

After selection, there was an introductory session in which we were briefed about projects and told to make teams (you can work solo also). Team’s need to be from the same college only. Participants were divided into groups of 20–25 members and each group was allotted, one mentor. After that, you start working on your projects and there are 3–4 interactions with the mentor for guidance and review of the project. At the end of the program, you need to host your web app and submit the link along with the report and Github repo link of the project. The project is evaluated on various parameters, you can know more about it and others detail of the program here.

This is a great program and you learn a lot, few more things:

  1. Mentorship from MS engineers.
  2. Mentors are very friendly and always ready to help you.
  3. Ask me Anything sessions on cracking MS interviews, the work culture of MS, and talks on AI, Big data, Azure, etc.
  4. Chance to top the leader board.
  5. Learning teamwork and project development cycle
  6. The greatest…Internship opportunity at Microsoft(based on interview).

This was my first article on medium, forgive me for any errors and hope I was able to clear some of your doubts and help you :).

You can reach out to me at:

Best of luck!



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